Fly and navigate on your own to almost any part of Australia!

Your Private Pilot Licence training begins on completion of the RPL and this is the phase of training that extends your flying skills to navigating across country.

Private Pilot License Requirements

You will learn to manage the aircraft’s systems such as communications, navigation, GPS and fuel systems as well as develop skills in reading maps and making in-flight calculations specific to navigation.

This is a challenging phase of your training not only in managing the aircraft but also in dealing with weather and Air Traffic Control air space and procedures. In no time you will be competent in safely flying to remote locations and you will carry out several cross country solo flights during your training in preparation for the Private Pilot License flight test.

Prior to sitting the Private Pilot License (PPL) flight test you must be at least 17 years of age. You will also be required to pass the CASA PPL theory examination and you must have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time which includes;

  • 5 hours solo as pilot in command
  • 5 hours cross country as pilot in command
  • 2 hours of instrument flight time

Once again your flight test will be with an Approved Testing Officer (ATO) who will assess your competence to hold a Private Pilots Licence. On successfully obtaining your PPL you may fly anywhere within Australia by day with or without passengers.