Training for a Commercial Pilot’s Licence

To hold a Commercial Pilot License you must be at least 18 years of age. You must also be assessed as competent in the English language.

There are currently two streams of training to qualify for a Commercial Pilot Licence.

The first is an integrated 150 hr course with an approved flying school. This course integrates all ground theory and flight training into a consolidated training course.

The second is a 200 hr course which allows for pilots who are unable to enrol in the 150 hr course to meet the CASA requirements in order to obtain a Commercial Pilots License.

Commercial flight training builds on existing general flying skills, cross country navigation skills and airmanship. The goal is to develop your skills to meet much higher standards and to conduct flights in a commercial operating environment.

To qualify for the CPL flight test, you must pass the CPL theory examinations. The minimum flight time for issue of a Commercial Pilot License is 150 hours total flight time. At least 70 hours must be as pilot-in-command with 20 hours of cross country as pilot-in-command and 10 hours of instrument flight time. On successful completion of the CPL flight test with an Approved Testing Officer, you will be issued with a Commercial Pilot License. This license entitles you to carry passengers for hire and reward.