A Leader in Quality Pilot Flight Training

Australian Aeronautical Academy is a division of Melbourne Flight Academy which operates out of the main terminal at Essendon Airport.

With a strong focus on pilot training from Student to Commercial Pilot Licence standard, our flight academy offers potential trainee pilots with quality training carried out by experienced Flight Instructors.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPLA)

Commercial flight training builds on existing general flying skills, cross country navigation skills and airmanship. The goal is to develop your skills to meet much higher standards and to conduct flights in a commercial operating environment.

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Commercial Pilot Licence & Outback Icus Program

This program is designed to assist the trainee to obtain a job as soon as possible, with an outback charter operator, on completion of the course.

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Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Training

You will learn to manage the aircraft’s systems such as communications, navigation, GPS and fuel systems as well as develop skills in reading maps and making in-flight calculations specific to navigation.

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Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

To obtain a Recreational Pilot License (RPL) you must be at least 16 years old. You must have a current medical certificate (this may be either Class 1 or 2, or a Recreational Aviation Medical).

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Flight Radio Operators Licence Training (FROL)

This aviation training is available in two forms – Flight Radio Telephone Operator License FROL (for flight crew) and Aircraft Radio Telephone Operator Certificate of Proficiency (for ground crew).

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